This was rounded off with an extension to the range of its jersey and knitwear collection. The launch of the "River Creek” sportswear jacket collection was also introduced, which was developed exclusively for retailers.

The planned expansion of the hall area of up to 3,000 m² was completed in May 2012.

The warehouse expansion in 2007 was not enough to meet the ever-increasing number of sales. A volume quantity equalling three million parts then meant that we also had to hire external storage areas which were available and which totalled 18,000 m².
Sixty employees were deployed in order to process pending working operations!
An extension of the existing hall area by 3,000 m² was planned for 2012, along with the expansion of the office building to allow it to extend from an existing space of 400 m²  up to 800 m².

Previous sales figures, which rose steadily, meant that we were required to extend storage capacity. This resulted in us relocating the warehouse to the Barbarastraße Business Park in Dorsten where we now have a lease for three halls and these now come equipped with high rack storage facilities and occupy a total area of approximately 6,000 m². This extension allows for domestic and international expansion in the European market. Other countries outside of Europe have been earmarked for distribution during the planning phase. Terrax sold to over 2 million textile units to retailers in 2007!

A new administrative centre was set up in Dosten-Lembeck in 2006, which today houses sixteen permanent members of staff. The field of activity in the fashion trade has an impact on collections among professional dealers. Workwear is created initially with various options to make it a complete outfit. Other innovative ideas are already being under preparation.

The rapid growth of the business required a larger warehouse in 2003, initially one which was based in Marl.

The field of activity was extended with collections for the fashion retail sector in men’s, women’s and children's clothing. Today, every relevant trade association, major fashion stores, men’s outfitters and private label companies are among our regular clients.

Johannes Neisemeier Jr., the son of the company’s founder joined the company as Managing Director, and developed HTR - Terrax GmbH into a highly respected partner among professional dealers.

The company was then run by his wife Gisela and the authorised signatory Mr. Jürgen Rybaczyk following the sudden death of the company’s founder in 1978, the latter of whom remains actively involved with the business to this day.

The company was founded by Johannes Neisemeier Snr.
Company name: HTR (Handelsagentur - Terrax - Rhade) as a distributor of workwear to the retail sector.

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